Why Content Matters For Google

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Most marketers are very concerned with Google Search and Google Search results, as well they should be. Google accounts for over 80 percent of the searches that occur across all search platforms. To ensure that you rank high in Google Search you need to understand what Google’s goals are. Like most businesses they are solving a problem for their audience. Ijn Google’s case the problem their audience has is finding relevant results based on a particular search. Google’s main goal is to return the very best and most accurate search results for their audience.

What are Your Goals?

When you keep in mind what the goal is, you can also understand why Google keeps refining it’s algorithm to work better for their audience. You are not Google’s audience. Well, your business is not the intended audience, the searcher is the audience. Google seeks to provide value to their customers, the audience, who is doing the searching. That’s how they can command higher advertising rates, as well as attract more people to use their search engine.

How Does Google Rank a Site?

Google uses a variety of factors to determine how to rank your website or blog. Today, the most important factor is the actual content that lives on your website or blog and how it relates to what their audience is searching for. Google has been telling webmasters for years not to let search results be the primary motivating factor in how you build your online real estate. Instead, they recommend letting your audience by your motivating factor.

Who Is Your Audience?

If you keep your audience in mind while creating the content on your site, on social media, and across all the different platforms you use to market your business, you’ll naturally rank higher in search results. If you engage in tricks, and are only concerned with getting traffic, without being concerned if you’re getting the right type of traffic it will catch up with you eventually and your site will not rank high. What works one day, might not work the next. But what will always work is providing quality content for your audience to consume in a variety of different forms.

What is Content?

Remember content includes text, images, audio and video elements. As you create marketing plans for various products and / or services always keep in mind the different types of content that you can create in all its forms. Then, it makes sense to make that content easy to access by providing your users with a fast loading, responsively designed, easy to navigate website. Once you have a site that is all that you can work on developing connections to your site through social media, pay per click advertising, guest blogging, networking and other means to get the word out. But, always with your audience first and foremost in your mind.

Writing content for SEO without remembering who the content is for, and the purpose of the content is a waste of time and effort. SEO content is worthless without understanding what your goals are, what your audience wants and needs, and how to reach them. Google is very clear on this standard in their webmaster tools. They give you the answers. All you have to do is see it through.

AdministratorWhy Content Matters For Google

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