We believe in revolution, in the power of media to create change.
We also believe that a better world, a better future, is possible and
that it starts with each of us, and the choices we make.


Choices are simple. We can eat good, or we can eat bad. We can be eco-friendly, or we can crap all over the planet. We can build trust, or sell bullshit. We can sit on our asses, or we can get up and start doing what we love, something that will make a difference. Everything else is just self-bureaucracy.


At WideGroup, we pride ourselves on our commitment with each business we work with. But there are some businesses that give us an extra something to be proud of when working together. This is why we are thoroughly committed to any business, organization or initiative that seeks to help create positive change and make this world a better place.

Make the move

Many people believe the world is what it is and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, we don’t! In fact, the world is always changing, every day, every hour, every second…it is constantly changing and evolving. All of us are part of this change, with every decision and choice we make, we affect everything around us. That is why it is important to know how we want to shape the world and choose wisely. It takes only one person to start a movement, even a revolution!

Stop reading and take a second right now to think about life,
about the world, about tomorrow.
It’s ok, take your time…we’ll be right here!

It’s a good exercise, isn’t it? We get caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life, following the somehow irresistible inertia, and this is what generally prevents us from realizing that it’s up to us to make a change, to start a revolution, whether at home, in your neighborhood, for the world or for the entire universe (hey, let’s think big!).


When we talk about doing a crazy thing such as a revolution, some will say: “Nice, but that’s not profitable”. You know what? That’s pretty much bullshit. The world is changing, people are changing, and we need to change along with them. Who cares about profit if your business no longer exists? Today Disruption is no longer a bad word that can get you in the corner, but a profitable endeavor!

People love inspiration and they love to follow brands that make a difference. It makes them feel part of something bigger, powerful. We also like to inspire our clients, and to be inspired by them.
Inspiration brings positive change, and change spreads fast, like wildfire. Life changing fire…


This is not just about advertising for us. That would be boring
We need to transcend the “selling stuff just to collect the profits” ideal.
This is life, this is about the hand that we were dealt and how we want to play it.
Like life, business is not about chance or dumb luck anymore.

Your company is part of this life. Your customers are part of this life.

We are talking about business, sure, but underneath everything we do, there lies our vision of how we want things to be, how they should be.

Do you ever think about creating a better world, a better life?

We’ll, today is the best time to make your move.

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