Content Marketing Vs. PPC: A Battle for the Future

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So much has changed in the world of web writing and making money. For starters, pay per click (ppc) was the way to go not that long ago until the rules changed that is.

Nowadays, it seems that content marketing is king and also queen.

Which one seems to have the higher return of investment (ROI) these days though? There seems to be two types of campgrounds when it comes to online marketing – those who believe the old way is still best and those that seem to believe that content as king is the new roadway to the future.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing

Let’s take a look first at some of the benefits of content marketing. With content marketing you get to gain the attention of your audience. Anyone who knows anything about content creation and content marketing knows that you have a limited amount of time to gain a potential prospect’s attention. If your content marketing campaign does its job, then that is half the battle.

So, you get to gain a new potential prospect for one thing. For another, you get the opportunity to engage with a potential client or fan. And, you know what that means. It means that you gain someone who is more than likely to share or comment or post about your article or post.

Today, popularity equates to a high return on your investment. So, it stands to reason that good content that is engaging and brings a prospect to trust you means the potential for a high click through rate with more users sharing your link and talking about it on social media.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Let’s face it, the most important aspect of content marketing is that it engages and entertains its audience. Why is this important? Well, let’s look at the facts. People are micromanaging every second of every minute of their days.

We all have friends or are guilty ourselves of calling family and friends to and from driving appointments. We no longer have the time to sit and chat like in the olden days. Every second counts.

What about Pay Per Click

Sure Pay Per Click or high click through rates still have their place in the sun. However, it seems that content is pulling into the race and leading by a nose. Content marketing is quickly becoming the new trend.

Most users are aware of pay per click advertising are not as inclined to be sold. Everyone loves to buy but no one likes to be sold. Content marketing does a wonderful job of entertaining and engaging and moving a prospect closer to the point of sale these days.

Seems like content marketing is the winner by a nose. So, if you are considering new marketing strategies perhaps you should invest some time and money and follow the big boys of advertising. Chances are they know a little something about advertising and that content marketing is the way to go.

AdministratorContent Marketing Vs. PPC: A Battle for the Future

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