What Can We Learn From Coca Cola`s Content Marketing Manifest?

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Content creation has certainly changed as of late. Years ago content was produced at rapid speeds and was not that high in quality either. A typical blog post was written by a writer who was either just entering into the field of writing and getting their feet wet or someone simply looking to make a few extra dollars.

Content farms were quite popular and did not, sad to say, pay very well. However, that is where many a web writer got their experience in the beginning. Now, however, content is king and queen and practically the whole court. Content rules nowadays.

You may have heard this said about content marketing, but now the big boys are taking on the practice of engaging audiences through high quality content marketing. Engagement is what leads the pack and is crucial to keeping brands alive and thriving at the same time.

The most important thing for a company these days when it comes to advertising is to create conversation using the art of engagement. People want to be heard and content marketing and social media are a match made in heaven. Individuals can find what they are looking for, feel engaged, and create conversation as well as add their two or even four cents in to the mix.

Coca Cola is Getting in on the Band Wagon

Coca cola has done quite well with their traditional advertising ventures over the years needless to say. However, the giant among giants is now looking to lean heavily toward content marketing. While most traditional companies are sticking to an equally traditional route, having Coca Cola lead the journey makes those companies take a peek over their newspapers and think twice.

Coca Cola has always been a leader and a winner in the industry when it comes to advertising. Coca Cola points out in their videos that there is a shift occurring and you have either two choices – stay back and watch or catch the wave.

The Way it Works

The way it works for Coca Cola is to follow a 70/20/10 rule:

70 percent of their content will be the basis or the foundation of the content plan so to speak.
20 percent of the content will engage the audience and will come from a fresh angle.
Lastly, 10 percent of their content will be the newness factor, new ways to reach out and grab reader’s attention.

Will this campaign be successful? Well, with Coca Cola’s past history of successful advertising,
other companies following suit might be a wise choice, indeed. It remains to be seen.

Moreover and more importantly however, is the fact that Coca Cola is ready to take a risk, and we all know what comes with risk. However, without taking a risk one will never get to experience either failure or success. Failure just makes a company learn and grow and success, well that makes risk all the more sweeter.

AdministratorWhat Can We Learn From Coca Cola`s Content Marketing Manifest?

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