The Real Time Marketing Challenge

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Marketing and advertising are certainly nothing new. We have all been recipients at one time or another of that enticing invitation to join an exclusive credit card membership. Better yet, we all wait impatiently to see which Superbowl commercials are going to wind up being voted as best on social media.

Now content marketing is all the buzz as companies try to decipher and decide whether or not to follow suit on the content marketing path. Of course, all companies want to reach the same end goal of high engagement through social media marketing and gaining the most new followers and prospect as possible.

Following the Trends

However, each and every time something new comes about such as the new trend for content is king, another new concept follows closely on its heels. Now, the discussion turns a bit more to real time marketing efforts.

A perfect example of real time marketing is the example of how Oreo within minutes during the Superbowl blackout was able to send out via social media a tweet that about how you can “Still dunk in the dark.” Needless to say that real-time marketing ploy gained thousands of new followers and many a new retweet indeed.

Virgin Holidays is another example of real time marketing. Almost immediately after a bill for same sex marriage was passed in the UK, Virgin Holidays came up with a tweet and post that was both clever and pertinent.

How to Manage Some Real Time Marketing

For some, thinking or speaking on the fly can be difficult at best. However, nothing is difficult if you are prepared.

Be Prepared – It is essential to be prepared when it comes to real time marketing. Know your subject, know your niche, dig deeper and find a sub niche. Find the angle that you had to dig really deep for and be prepared to talk about it. Have your point of view ready as well as your sense of humor.

Be Engaging – Just as any conversationalist will tell you, being engaging is what keeps your audience sticking around for more. With any story, people love to wait around and see what’s next. Dazzle them with your knowledge, your sense of humor, and your creativity.

Be Trendy – Make certain to follow trends consistently. People will change their minds from one minute to the next depending on where the emotional bankroll is heading. If a trend has a high emotional context, you can be sure it will be talked about for quite some time. Keep your finger on the pulse of those trends.

Be a Good Listener – Just as in good communication, listening in real time marketing is important as well. Listen to what people are saying about these trends. Tune in so that your followers don’t tune out either.

So, there you have it, a little bit about the new and upcoming trend of real time marketing and how to manage it just a bit.

AdministratorThe Real Time Marketing Challenge

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