Ten Great Examples of Content Marketing

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Just as there are memorable Superbowl commercials every year that keeps everyone talking, there are just as many, if not more, online marketing campaigns that keep viewers chatting away. Content marketing is all the rage nowadays as the way to get the goods. Some of the best content marketing pieces are ones that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Here are a few of the online marketing campaigns that are memorable to say the least.

British Airways

With its video ad of less than perhaps a minute, British Airways managed to create quite a buzz around it’s #Lookup campaign. You can almost hear people asking others if they have seen the new British Airways commercial. And, it does not just end there. Their campaign encourages viewers to share through social media, which of course is all important these days.


Zady is a good example of an e-commerce business that really cares about its consumer. Sometimes consumers can journey along with a designer to see how goods are made. Zady hones in on their target audience of individuals who take an active role in where and how their garments are made and this proves successful as it appeals to a sense of responsibility and is relatable to their consumers.


Chipotle has created a video ad that has been viewed millions of times, not to mention the ad related apps to go along with it. In this powerful message about how fast food can be too industrialized, Chipotle hits the mark with giving its consumers other more natural options. Chipotle also appeals to the consumers’ intelligence by letting them feel as though they were let in on a big secret when it comes to the food they consume.

Sweet Green

Sweet Green dedicates its attention to consumers who appreciate and know their target audience; those who are concerned and conscious about sustainability and healthy lifestyles, especially when it comes to food.


IBMblr is another great example of online marketing. IBM keeps its audience engaged with usable and helpful content on this blog.


Charmin does a great job discussing a heavy duty subject with a bit of humor. If you need to find a clean restroom near you, then try Charmin’s Sit or Squat app. It will help you out in time of need, but will also give you something to talk and chuckle about, as well.


When it comes to being memorable, who can forget Van Damme doing an incredible split between two trucks while they are in motion? All this to prove a point about Volvo’s precision.


Birchbox does an amazing job with its beauty business in that it hits the consumer where they live – targeting excellent copy skills through social media, letting consumers know in no uncertain terms that they will lose out if they don’t get in on the next deal.

Of a Kind

What a unique content marketing strategy this company has. They offer beautiful merchandise in the form of clothing and jewelry, yes, but they also highlight the stories behind how those goods are made and the individuals who create them. There’s definitely a personal touch.


Williams-Sonoma can proudly boast about its online content with its newsletter keeping it simple yet informed for its consumers.

So, there you have it, a list of some of the past and present great online content marketing campaigns.

AdministratorTen Great Examples of Content Marketing

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