Is Vine’s Success the Ultimate Proof of Our Short Attention Span?

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Anyone who knows anything about technology knows one thing for sure. The minute you learn how to use something or, better yet, get used to something, something newer and better (hopefully) comes along.

This might add up to frustration to some, especially the older set because it may take the older generation a little bit longer to figure out technology – whereas the younger set, perhaps, come to expect change and expect it quickly.

Take cell phones, for example. Not too long after number four of a series of mobile phones comes out, the anticipated and much hyped await for number five comes breathing down its neck at rapid speeds. There are even time when lines are formed while individuals wait with baited breath in anticipation of this new technological gadget.

So, where does all this new technology leave us when it comes to social media? Does the old adage more is better no longer exist? Perhaps with a new generation of shorter attention spans and instant gratification seeking from our technology, the answer may well be a resounding yes.

A perfect example falls within the video marketing category. Whereas old staples such as YouTube were the go to leaders for video information, Vine videos may be replacing the popularity of YouTube.

Vine videos with its microseconds of airtime can offer up a quick fix or a quick laugh in no time flat. You’ve got a total of six seconds to make your vine and then off it goes.

Is all this vining a result of short attention span or just a need for a quick filler in between waiting to fill up at the gas station, on line at the grocery store or to simply put some mindless activity into an otherwise stress filled day?

If you think about it, when it comes to technology, better is better and not necessarily that more is better. Newer and better, faster and quicker rank as high-selling motivators for anything that is technology today. Maybe it is not as much a matter of shorter attention span as it is a matter of short on time.

Today’s individual, whether a college student, high schooler, or a career individual with a family are all short on one thing – and it may not necessarily be attention span. We are all short on time. With lists of things to do bigger than the paper it takes to write on, time is short and therefore may result in attention spans being equally short, as well.

It is similar to the chicken and the egg – which came first – a shortage of time or a shorter attention span. Today’s culture is doing something while thinking about the next thing that needs getting done and then the next thing, as well. In a culture where getting things done is a way of life, it’s no wonder that our attention span was sure to follow.

Sure, there is a short attention span. There’s way too much to get done in the time frame we allot ourselves to do it in. Perhaps the success of Vine is indicative of that. A little bit of video can go a long way, indeed.

AdministratorIs Vine’s Success the Ultimate Proof of Our Short Attention Span?

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