Essential Tools for Mobile SEO Success

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Today, it’s essential to think about mobile SEO when designing any type of website. Consider the fact that mobile Internet connection is growing 8 times faster than PC Internet connections and you will realize that now is the time to ensure that your websites are mobile friendly. While you may not have been concerned with that in the past, now you need to concern yourself or you’re going to lose out on a lot of business. Thankfully there are many SEO mobile tools that you can implement today without missing a beat or compromising any part of your business.

Keep in mind the fundamental ways in which you can improve mobile SEO:

Clean Designs Win — Today, clean design wins over busy flashy designs. You want your websites to be clean, clear and easy to use. Is the information on your site easy to read and understand? Are the colors friendly to the eye? Do they make sense? Testing your sites and being willing to change is key.

Responsive Sites are Paramount Today — Using responsive design eliminates the need to create specific mobile friendly sites which can save you a lot of time, money and problems. But, if you can’t do that, create a mobile site in addition to the PC friendly site you have now.

The Need for Speed is Essential — This goes back to clean design, but points to an essential element that is true no matter what type of device your customer is using to consume your content. They want your pages to load fast, and for everything to work. The more clean your design the more likely everything is to work fast.

Understanding Your Audience is Key — What constitutes clean design and speed as well as other factors regarding your website depends entirely on your audience. Who is your audience? Can you create audience personas down to sex, type of device they’re most likely to use, and what they’re usually doing at 2pm on a Tuesday after noon? Do you know what words they use to find you? Do you know if they use voice search or text search? If not, you need to do more research.

User Experiences Trump Everything — If your website provides a great user experience, loads fast, looks great, and everything works you’re going to win over even the most difficult consumer to your side. The way to create websites with great user experiences is to test, test, test and always be willing to change when it’s needed. As you learn more, do more.

Know What tools for Mobile SEO Exist — If you really want to improve your mobile marketing then you need to know what SEO mobile tools exist. Here are a few for you to take a look at.

  • Our Mobile Planet — This is from Google, and allows you to look at data about mobile users all over the planet. You can create your own customizable charts.
  • PageSpeed Insights — This tool lets you find out how fast your website is on desktops and mobile devices. It’s another tool from Google. Just go to the page and type in the URL you want to test.

Google offers a lot more tools for mobile SEO that you should consider using such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords Keyword Tool and more. Outside of your clean, responsive, usable, and consumer friendly website use the tools offered by Google to improve your mobile SEO.

AdministratorEssential Tools for Mobile SEO Success

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