$1,251,400 in online transactions is proof that people love to make purchases from the comfort of their homes and that your products should be right at their fingertips.

Good point, let’s do it!


By now you surely know that more and more people are buying products and hiring services through the Internet. That’s why so many websites are now integrating e-commerce elements into their structures to provide visitors with the comfort and ease of use they expect. In short, they are just turning themselves into e-businesses. Shouldn’t your brand do the same? WideGroup can help you with that.

Our company can easily make such integration to turn your site into a fully-fledged platform ready to make the most out of the digital possibilities. From adding a simple yet effective shopping cart and transaction processing tools to thoroughly enhancing the entire customer experience, Widegroup knows what needs to be done to empower your platform.

We’ll make your relationship with your customers far easier by slimming down your platform to turn it into a unique buying experience for your clients. We’ll take advantage of the latest technologies (such as SalesForce) to let you control your data and be in contact with your customers – current or future ones.

So, if you already feel like it’s time for your brand to jump on the e-business wagon, then don’t hesitate to contact us, the best choice for e-commerce web design and digital businesses that ever came out of Los Angeles.


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